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An ever fixed mark, looks on tempests, never shaken.

1 November
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Pat. 20. Female. PH. Lives for music. Likes jpop. Loves Kanjani8. Plays the piano. Very random. Watches TV for hours. Likes American Idol. Cooking shows. Reality shows. Entertainment shows. Game shows. TV movies. But listens to radio too. Is a bookworm. Likes suspense and mystery novels most. Authors? Stephen King. Agatha Christie. But also likes Paulo Coelho, Jerry Spinelli. Dan Brown, perhaps. Also likes photoshop. Does banners, icons, headers, wallpaper. Doesn't share it to fandom, though. Created this account to share the love.

You can add me, friend me, watch me. It's okay. I don't bite. ;)

Forgive me. I fail at this. LOL. But I do try. Thank you. See you around.

Love always. ♥

My resources:

Obsidian Dawn

Celestial Star


Hawksmont Brushes

500ml Brushes

Dai Dassou

Minty Peach

And the rest of the internet where I get my stuff!

Thank you so much!

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Feel free to take a look!