November 29th, 2010


Before I do my part on the case protocol... :D

I was on my way home from the province this afternoon. Me being a travel person, all I do is sightsee all the way back to the city, that is if I'm not sleepy. Anyway, we passed this avenue full of signboards and tarpaulins. And it's funny what written on some of them, like:Collapse )And then! There was a WHOLE ROW of stores selling canvas and tarpaulins. All of them had the word "Maruyama". Knowing me, I freaked. WHY THE HELL? What has Darling have to do with this??? After much researching, it appears that in the Philippines, Maruyama is a canvas/upholstery manufacturer. Or a generic name for such. Proof?

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IDK. Can someone shed some light in this issue?

Lastly, when I checked my LJ, dozchan uploaded an episode of Kanjani!MAP. Ohhhhh, I feel like pic-spamming.
Thanks also for screencaps, hun.
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. . . Now back to case protocol.

P.S. -- I want this bag for Christmas, please? XD