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Because you're very special.


It has been two years since I first met you. It was funny. actually, how I got to know you, how I got to like you, then love you. Honestly, it wasn't meant to be me at all, but a friend. But, the plan backfired. The damn plan had to backfire on me.

Nevertheless, you were like a blessing in disguise. You somehow came into my life when I needed somebody to make me happy the most.

Perhaps it's the way you make people laugh with your humor and occasional bouts of stupidity, or the way you pluck those bass guitar strings with much passion, that made me swoon so. Or maybe it's in those eyes... those eyes of yours that have the power to see through me.

You know, it may sound ridiculous but, no matter the distance or connection we have, I feel so close to you. Call me insane, but it's true. Sometimes, no, often, I dream that one day, I'll finally get to meet you. One day I'll finally get to walk beside you, to hold your hand, to kiss those lips, and perhaps to whisper in your ear:

Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life.

This is it I guess, but I have still so much to tell. I can't put them into words anymore. If only the wind could blow these feelings to you, you could have understood by now.

Heck, you got me crying this very moment, dumbass.

I love you so much... to you.

Tags: epic!fluff, happy birthday ryuhei, romansu

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