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So you know what I mean, you can watch here (if it's still up by then) or download at dozchan's.

WARNING: Spoilers to ∞uppers up ahead. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't click the cut! >o<

Sorry for some dark images... Well, It's the ambience of the vid almost althroughout so... ^___^;;

First up, Yoko and his fatherly glance in this pic. *sigh* Toranosuke will be soooooo lucky.

Then here's Yasu, sleeping with a doll... HODAMN WAIT. That's no doll!!! That's cute baby!!!!!!! >,_______,<

Hina, srsly, if I were the baby, and you were making me laugh like this, (1) I'd have nightmares and (2) I'd be scarred for life... I'm kidding!!!! Srsly though, it's scaring me. T___T

Ummm... I can't see a thing. What is this?

Oh, it's Ryo and Tacchon (a.k.a. TORN) and the cute baby! And I can't help but conjure this picture in my head.

I'm really sorry, and Merry Christmas in advance. XD Hmmm... So the Ossan-sannin can be the Three Magi then Maru is some random shepherd then Yasu is the angel (hanging on a trapeze) hovering over the scene going ♪Gloria in excelsis Deo...♪ or something.

Next. ^__^;;

OMG. O____O . . . BRB, my ovaries just exploded. Nuff said.

Nice triceps-biceps Maru group shot gaiz. Srsly though, I got this for the biceps.

Last but not the least!!! ^____^

Look at them, one big happy family. :)

Wait, this is a better manger scene!!! XD There's cute baby Messiah; Yamada as the parents; Yoko, Ryo and Tacchon as the Magi, Hina's the angel goin' "Hey gaiz! Free-flowing booze for all!!!" And Daddy Babs is the random shepherd going "FML why do I have to stay outside because my manger is crowded by these pplz???"

Anyway, so thanks for staying up to the end of this stupid commentary of mine. XD Bottomline is, Eito is just awesome like that. XD

And advanced Merry Christmas. XD
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